About us

YXLON Copenhagen is a highly specialized Danish company with more than 60 years of experience in portable X-ray solutions for industrial non-destructive testing. Our products are the best on the market and accommodate the strictest regulations worldwide.

We develop, manufacture and sell portable and mobile X-ray systems; acclaimed products based on constant potential energy, used for non-destructive X-ray testing, in all types of industrial environments. Our products are of the highest quality. They are compact sized, low weight-products for in-field X-ray inspections in all kind of environments.

We combine the dynamics and innovativeness of a young enterprise with the years of experience and wealth of tradition from the founding days of ANDREX. Our company occupies 40 employees on a global basis and the main office is located near Copenhagen.

YXLON Copenhagen has been a member of the COMET Group since 2007. The COMET Group is a leading global provider of high-quality systems, components and services in X-ray, ebeam and RF technologies.