YXLON Copenhagen is always at your disposal either by phone or e-mail.

Use the company contact information shown below or choose to contact our Sales Organization or Service Organization directly.

Our Global network of sales representatives also allows you to choose your closest business partner.

YXLON Copenhagen

Helgeshøj Alle 38
2630 Taastrup

Office phone: +45 72 40 77 00

Office e-mail:

The sales organization in Copenhagen handles the worldwide sales and support for the global network of sales representatives.

The product development and manufacturing of portable products is also based at our headquarters in Copenhagen, together with the marketing department and our support and repair services.

In the USA, the COMET group location in Shelton, Connecticut is in charge of sales, service requests and local marketing for portable products on the North American market.

The office in Shanghai are the group location that handles sales, service requests and local marketing for the Chinese market, in the same way that the location in Yokohama handles Japan.

Together they all provide an excellent and high quality platform for global service and support for the portable products from Copenhagen.