Service Organization

YXLON Copenhagen offers the most extensive services in the industrial X-ray industry.

Whether in Asia, Europe or America, our highly qualified service centers provide excellent service and rapid assistance for each and every customer. With our local service centers and a high level of support adapted to meet your needs, we grant you a continuously high uptime and a high return on investment.

YXLON Copenhagen also provides service, spare parts, repairs and support directly from Denmark. Our specialized staff is ready to accommodate all our customers' needs.

Our service organization has been with both ANDREX and YXLON for a number of years and the members offer service and repairs that adhere to YXLON Copenhagen’s high standards. The service organization ensures punctual care and will always do its utmost to cater to the needs of our business partners and customers, wherever they may be.

In order to return material to YXLON Copenhagen in Denmark for repair, please follow the directions on the following pages.

  • Marianne Cannerslund, Global Service Director
  • Hans Rysgaard, General Manager

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Marianne Cannerslund, Global Service Director
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Marianne Cannerslund, Global Service Director

Marianne Cannerslund, Global Service Director

Office phone: +45 41 21 77 20

Office e-mail: Marianne Cannerslund

On the 1st of March 2016, Marianne Cannerslund joined YXLON Copenhagen as the new Global Service Director. Marianne is responsible for our highly qualified service technicians and for coordination of repair services with our global service centers and customers.

Furthermore, she is optimizing our service concept, to ensure that YXLON Copenhagen further strengthens our service competences and our strong market position.

Marianne's previous employments include management positions within global companies with head offices in Holland, USA and Turkey. She has extensive managerial experience within procurement, logistics, global customer service, communication and optimization of workflows.

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Hans Rysgaard, General Manager
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Hans Rysgaard, General Manager

Hans Rysgaard, General Manager

Office phone: +45 41 21 77 76
Office e-mail: Hans Rysgaard

Hans Rysgaard has been with YXLON Copenhagen since December 2006 as a member of the management team, and since 2008 as manager for YXLON Copenhagen. In 2012 he became responsible for the Portable X-Ray business unit, including all sales and marketing activities within the portable and mobile X-ray product portfolio.

Highlights of his past employments include management positions in larger international Danish companies in both traditional industrial environments and the world of online marketing. Born in 1973, Hans Rysgaard has gained valuable experience from both the old and new economy during his career, and has implemented the company strategy with pursuit of strong growth for the portable business.