In the aerospace industry quality control is paramount. A single weakness in the aircraft structure, metal or composite material can result in catastrophic failure. The structural inspection of aircraft gives us, as passengers, a well-founded sense of safety.

When inspecting aircraft structures with X-ray equipment, a small focal spot is crucial to achieve the best possible resolution for flaw detection. It is also important to be able to position the equipment in hard-to-reach places, which makes the weight and agility of the X-ray system crucial.

YXLONs portable X-ray systems have been used in the inspection of aircraft and spacecraft since the fifties. Being active for more than 50 years in this field has given us experience, profound knowledge of and confidence in our X-ray systems.

The SMART EVO 200D solution, with 1.0 mm focal spot and 750 W constant potential X-ray power, provide a unique combination of high resolution and fast exposures.

For tougher inspection jobs the flexible XPO EVO 225D portable X-ray system, with 1200 W X-ray power and broad mA range, would be the best choice.

The powerful and mobile Y.XMB products are well suited for jobs that require extremely compact tube heads. These can be used together with a large range of X-ray tubes such as the 100 kV X-ray tube, which has a maximum diameter of only 80 mm. X-ray tubes with single or dual focal spots as small as 0.4 mm are available for these highly flexible systems.

YXLON Copenhagen also offers a broad range of tube stands, laser pointers, collimators and revolving hand rings, increasing the agility of the X-ray equipment and optimising adjustment, safety and positioning possibilities.