Engineering and Construction

The quality of welds is vital. The construction of pipelines, buildings, ships, and other large structures requires on-site quality control, whether it’s in a remote area or industrial environment.

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Gas Compressor Station. Egtved. Denmark
When constructing a pipeline, ship or vessel, the weld seams are often the weakest points because of the complicated and manual welding process. To avoid faulty constructions, fulfil regulatory demands and document the quality of the welds, welds must be inspected. X-ray technology generates the best image result of all NDT technologies and is therefore the best method for ensuring the quality of weld seams.

Portable X-ray was invented shortly after World War II to meet an increasing demand for the quality control of welds. The challenge for portable X-ray equipment is on one hand to be small enough to allow agile handling on site, and on the other hand to be able to penetrate steel of a significant thickness. This is a challenge since penetration power equals weight.

YXLON’s X-ray expertise stems from the early fifties. During the subsequent decades we have acquired profound knowledge and knowhow of portable X-ray. That is why we can offer the most powerful portable X-ray solutions on the market with a combination of low weight and mechanical strength which ensures a fast and reliable workflow even under the most challenging conditions.

The YXLON product portfolio offers solutions for all kinds of field inspection. It ranges from 160 kV directional for low-density inspection jobs up to 300 kV for high-density inspection jobs.

The SMART EVO 200P and SMART EVO 300P with 360˚ X-ray beam allow the user to complete circular welds in one single exposure and are designed for use inside pipelines or vessels.

Our broad portfolio can accommodate all your needs for on-site inspection. You can trust that YXLON Copenhagen has the best equipment for the job.