Original Equipment Manufacturer

YXLON Copenhagen manufactures products that are well suited for OEM integration and offer numerous integration possibilities. Today, our products are used in luggage-scanning systems, for the quality control of food and in density and thickness measurement equipment.

The broad voltage range makes YXLON’s portable systems flexible and perfect as an X-ray source. They are easy to integrate and the optional water cooling can support a round-the-clock operation, such as on production lines.

YXLON Copenhagen is striving to become even better. That is why we always are looking for new challenges and applications. We continuously try to support new projects with our expertise and knowledge and we provide support for potential system integration to ensure both the proof-of-concept phase and development into a commercial product.

YXLON Copenhagen’s portable X-ray systems are reliable and deliver a high performance that ensures optimised processes. Their high quality cuts costs and minimises operational risks.

Feel free to contact us to explore the potential benefits of X-ray technology in your field of expertise.