Industries worldwide use X-ray for ensuring quality in their production. Using real-time X-ray inspection or X-ray based measurements, undesired elements can be identified, such as bone splinters in the food industry. Furthermore fat content can be measured and densities can be controlled.

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Avedøre power station, Denmark
Today, quality is paramount and customers expect high and uniform quality. Experiences of poor quality and faulty products can spread quickly and can cause irreparable damage to a company’s image. Therefore, output inspection is an indispensable part of modern production.

The X-ray images generated using YXLON Copenhagen products will ensure the quality of your products by verifying the production output, thus helping to safeguard your company’s image.

The broad adjustment range of kV and mA combined with the possibility for remote operation of an YXLON Copenhagen portable X-ray system supports both the proof-of-concept phase and series production. Tailor-made service schemes keep the X-ray sources in a well-defined replacement loop, ensuring optimal uptime on site.

YXLON Copenhagen´s broad product range and the combination of high X-ray power, virtually maintenance-free operation and water-cooling solutions makes our portable X-ray systems the obvious choice for production verification.