X-ray inspection of goods serves to increase public safety. Airports, harbours, logistics centres and public institutions worldwide are on duty around the clock.

They use X-ray technology to find and identify unwanted elements or illegal goods, luggage, containers etc., going to great lengths to ensure public safety, contribute to the public health and enforce tariffs on goods.

YXLON Copenhagen’s products are often integrated into these systems, providing virtually maintenance-free operation and high performance X-ray output.

YXLON Copenhagen’s portable X-ray equipment is easy to integrate into a system. Their compactness and effective internal radiation shielding minimises the need for additional lead protection. The X-ray system is easy to interface with other computers to establish remote operation using the well-described communication protocol.

The X-ray performance is high and stable due to the combination of constant potential technology combined with a high X-ray power, making our portable systems the obvious choice for security system integration.