Constant Potential Energy

YXLON’s constant potential technologies include modern switch mode technology, and are based on the voltage multiplier principal, operating on medium or high switching frequencies. This results in a stable dose rate, without any dependence between the input voltage and a reproducible output.

Traditionally the extreme high-voltage needed for generating X-rays was created by magnifying a rectified sine wave through transformers until the desired high voltage was reached. The result was an X-ray output which only reached the maximum kV level in a fraction of each time cycle. Only X-rays at a lower kV level without penetration was produced in the remainder of the cycle. Producing X-rays this way is very inefficient and time consuming.

Some of the benefits of the constant potential energy technology include a very stable X-ray output and a strong structural design, compared to traditional transformer-based designs.

As a rule of thumb, constant potential technology gives you a more than 50 % reduction on exposure time, compared to non-constant potential X-ray equipment, at the same voltage level.

YXLON Copenhagen has been using constant potential energy for more than 20 years and the technology is integrated in all our portable and mobile X-ray products.