Metal Ceramic Tubes

YXLON Copenhagen only uses high quality metal ceramic X-ray tubes. The stainless steel housing has replaced the glass resulting in a much more robust and reliable tube. Modern production methods eliminate any spread in accuracy resulting in a uniformed output without variation in focal spot or X-ray beam.

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Metal ceramic tube
Traditionally X-ray tubes, the heart of every X-ray system, have been made of glass combined with copper. These handmade X-ray glass tubes were elegant constructions, but extremely fragile, difficult to cool and inaccurate because of the manufacturing process.

Sensitive glass X-ray tubes are not suitable for use in X-ray equipment made for field inspection, which entails rough handling and extreme climatic conditions.

All portable and mobile X-ray systems made by YXLON Copenhagen are fitted with a high quality metal ceramic tube produced by COMET Industrial X-ray in Switzerland. The metal ceramic technology can, in general, better withstand heat and efficient cooling will allow around the clock operation in changeable climatic conditions.

Portable X-ray systems produced by YXLON Copenhagen eliminate costly repairs and frequent replacements of X-ray tubes due to the mechanical strength of the metal ceramic technology.