Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing, NDT is all about testing materials without breaking them. X-ray imaging is the most ideal method to get a high quality picture of the inside of a material.

X-ray NDT image of welding seamResize Image
X-ray NDT image of welding seam
Visible cracks. Powder welding in carbon steel close Back Next
Visible cracks. Powder welding in carbon steel
NDT is a part of our daily life but few know of it. Everything from constructions to electronics has undergone intensive NDT before ending up in shops, in buildings, nuclear power plants and our daily transportation.

It ensures the confidence and a feeling of security we need, when passing a bridge or traveling by airplane. In fact it makes us feel safe handling any engineered products.

A lack of NDT can potentially have catastrophic consequences for the environment, and may result in economic or human losses. Just a single faulty weld on a gas pipeline gone undetected may cause all of the above.

NDT is a common name for an array of technologies, some of the most commonly used are:

  • X-ray radiography
  • Ultra sound
  • Visual
  • Gamma radiography
All of these technologies are used for identification of cracks, lack of fusion, air-bubbles, corrosion, foreign particles and densities. This can be done in any kind of material ranging from the softest tissue to high-density metals.

X-ray radiography is unique by being the only one of these technologies to create a clear picture of the insides of almost any kind of material.

YXLON Copenhagen produces high quality portable and mobile X-ray systems, that ensure your safety and is the preferred choice when X-ray based non-destructive testing is required.