X-ray Inspection of Welds

Welds and inspection of welds stick together. There are different techniques for both welding and inspection of these. X-ray radiography is the one technology that produces the clearest image of what´s inside, making it the first choice regarding quality assurance.

Weld seam
X-ray inspection of welds in a rough environment places special demands on the X-ray technology applied.

Challenging outdoor conditions like dust, rain, snow, and heat are everpresent at the oil and gas stations, pipeline sites, shipyards, petrochemical plants and other X-ray work sites.

A regular inspection of welds for weak points is stipulated by law in many countries and is especially necessary at nuclear power plants and in the chemical industry.

These welds are subjected to very high mechanical and thermal stress loads, which is why these must be of the best quality, hereby underlining the importance of X-ray inspection.

When inspecting welds using YXLON Copenhagen portable and mobile X-ray systems, it is possible to deploy either a very flexible standard solution, or a specialised solution optimised for the corresponding application.