When investing in X-ray equipment many aspects has to be taken into account. Aside from the fact that the system is the right one for the job – it has to be a sound investment.

The return on investment is comprised not only of the initial costs, but also of the total cost over the products entire lifespan.

“We have to take many things into consideration when investing in portable X-ray equipment. Performance and weight are deciding factors, but cost of ownership is just as important. We have about 130 YXLON portable systems and historically they have proven to have a very low cost of ownership”. 
- Brian Holm, Operations Manager NDT Equipment, FORCE Technology

We at YXLON Copenhagen take every precaution to build long lasting products of the highest quality - that's why our X-ray systems are fitted with:
  • Metal ceramic X-ray tubes - making them robust and ideal for field inspection
  • Thermal switches - ensure smooth and safe operation even in extreme thermal conditions
  • Shock absorbing bumpers and a thick rubber shielding - protects all the vital parts inside

We have carefully chosen the best components and suppliers to ensure the highest possible quality. We build and test the products with the utmost care, making sure that they are long lasting and virtually maintenance free, resulting in a very sound investment.