The greatly anticipated new 4-legged tube stand is now available as a part of our accessory portfolio.

It has been introduced as a part of our accessory portfolio in June this year.

The new 4-legged tube stand is a versatile stand that makes it possible to position our portable X-ray tube heads in all angles and positions. Hereby enabling a smoother and smarter workflow making your work faster and flexible.

The modular design ensure quick assembly and it´s very easy to transport and position. It can be used in all types of environments and the rotational axis allows exposure in any plausible angles.
  • Easy positioning
  • Robust and safe

The 4-legged tube stand is the most flexible and versatile solution on the market. It adds high value to any portable X-ray fleet, maximizing your investment and optimizing your workflow.

For more technical specifications please visit our website and download the 4-legged tube stand specification sheet.