We are happy to welcome and introduce Mads Transel, as the new global Head of Sales.

Mads will, as global Head of Sales, oversee sales activities worldwide, as well as boost the efforts to safeguard YXLON Copenhagen’s position as the market leader in high-end portable X-ray equipment.

“I quickly made the decision to become a part of this dynamic team when the opportunity arose. The company has undergone an immense transformation in the past few years: Sales have rocketed and its position as the market leader has been firmly established.

My role will be to reinforce and boost this positive development, to maintain the momentum, and to further evolve the growing business, along with the strong and capable sales team who are already in place".

“We want to become an even better and closer partner for our sales channels, and we aim to conquer new markets. The full potential of YXLON Copenhagen has yet to be realized".