YXLON Copenhagen strengthen the cooperation with pipeline crawler manufacturer JME.

YXLON Copenhagen has released a new and improved controller board with additional functionalities for the Y.SMART crawler package. It is perfectly suited for integration with pipeline crawlers from JME, designed for inline inspection of oil and gas pipelines.

“This is probably the most advanced and flexible solution for pipeline crawlers and OEM integration in general”. 
- Jan Bressendorff, Product Manager, YXLON Copenhagen

Find more information on system integration and the new crawler package in the JME pipeline crawler case story.

We have added even more advanced functionality to our crawler package, hereby increasing the value of the complete pipeline crawler system. The crawler package consists of; an Y.SMART 200PC or 300PC 2in1 tube head, the DC/DC converter, plus cables and documentation.

The controller board is designed for customers who need remote operation, for their system-integrated X-ray solution, via an external computer.

It allows the crawler computer to gain full operational control of the X-ray system through a RS232 connection. It supports advanced diagnostics, automated recognition and run-in of the attached tube head. It also supports full operation and protection as known from our Y.SMART control unit.
  • Remote operation through RS232 interface
  • Automatic detection of tube head type
  • Automatic run-in of tube head
  • Advanced monitoring and control of tube head operation
  • Diagnostic information available through RS232 interface

The controller board can be acquired as an addition to the crawler package.