The ergonomic design and the low weight makes the SMART EVO systems easy to handle and re-position. A broad temperature range from -20°C to +50°C makes the EVO systems reliable and ensures smooth operation even in extreme environments.

The combination of our new SMART EVO tube heads and CONTROL EVO is the key to a significantly improved workflow. Because the units are lighter, they are faster to handle and reposition.

Constant potential energy and high X-ray power means high performance and shorter exposure time and with the new laser guides, accuracy is ensured and overlaps reduced with subsequent savings on both time and materials.

The new CONTROL EVO technology dovetails naturally with modern customer setups and adds functions that can save time, both in the field and in administration to maximize the use of time - shortening customer processes and increasing their revenue.

Ultimately, our customers dreamed of a smarter workflow - and to go beyond the practical. We listened to those dreams. Now they’re reality.

Best regards
Hans Rysgaard
General Manager