Creating a new product usually starts with a dream; a dream that is often compromised by the design limitations of materials, technology or resources. At YXLON Copenhagen, we don’t compromise on our dreams.

By combining our years of experience and know-how with the latest in design thinking, we’ve created the most uncompromising product range yet. Meet SMART EVO; the future of portable X-ray equipment.

The CONTROL EVO is backwards compatible with the Y.SMART and Y.XPO portable X-ray systems. It has an Ethernet interface allowing for remote diagnostics and software updates. The USB interface facilitates, control of the system via a USB-to-Serial converter, saving diagnostics reports and can also be used for software updates in the field. It even has Bluetooth™ for future applications. All of these make the EVO system smart and future-proof. 

Compatibility has been essential for the development of the SMART EVO system from the very beginning, and it is one of four key features of the SMART EVO system. 

To find more information on the SMART EVO series, please follow this link.