YXLON Copenhagen qualified for renewal of our ISO 9001 certificate.

The ISO standard is important, not only to us, but to all our customers. Compliance with the ISO structure ensures:
  • A professional approach to the daily operation - making us strive to excel
  • Focus on our customers - meeting and exceeding their expectations 

ISO certification is a requirement for a production company like ours, but it is also vital for our customers. The direct benefit deriving from compliance with the ISO structure is the increased focus on our customers. You can read about the importance of quality control in this case story made in collaboration with Danish-based inspection company FORCE Technology.

Kim Jørgensen, Quality Manager at YXLON Copenhagen: “I´m very proud of our organization and the renewal of the certificate. We have a strong internal commitment to the ISO program and our increased focus on the program has resulted in products of even higher quality. 

These products ensure a reliable and continuous workflow for our customers, who in turn allow our customers to trust in our products – and it is this trust, which is the keystone in our business”. 

You can read more about our manufacturing standards.