Copywriter Richard Mayrick has written an article in World Pipelines, October 2014 edition, discussing the future of portable X-ray equipment and presenting the new SMART EVO series that sets the standard for many years to come.

Extract from the article:
“The new control unit, CONTROL EVO, has catapulted portable X-ray equipment into the 21st century. Combined with the redesigned SMART EVO tube head, it’s a system that sets the standard for many years to come.”

“Some people might say, ‘Do I really need all these new functions? My system works just fine already, and a portable system’s job is simply to make images… ’And they’d be right – but would you ever go back to a manual dial landline after you’d experienced the freedom and efficiency of a cell phone? Probably not.”

“By learning more about our customers’ workflow, we can easily customize and add functionalities, because we’ve created a platform that is designed to be future proof. But even with a traditional inspection company setup, the SMART EVO system adds tremendous value.”

You are welcome to contact YXLON Copenhagen, if you wish to order a copy of the magazine. You can also order it directly from World Pipelines website

Best regards
David Heiner Campos
Marketing Manager