YXLON Copenhagen heralds a new era of smarter workflows for your portable X-ray applications, with the global launch of the SMART EVO series.

YXLON Copenhagen has developed the new SMART EVO industrial X-ray system. Built in Denmark to stringent specifications with the highest quality components, the products are both built to last and operate accurately even in the harshest environments. 

Non-destructive testing (NDT) affects us all. Everything from planes to pipelines are inspected daily to ensure our safety, but the development of portable X-ray inspection systems has been stagnant for years, and a growing demand for modern technology within the NDT community has given rise to the SMART EVO project. The system integrates X-ray inspection with advanced technologies and is a giant leap forward ensuring high performance, making inspection smarter and our environment safer.

“X-ray technology generates the best image result of all NDT technologies. The challenge for portable X-ray equipment, however, is to be both small enough to allow agile handling on site, while still being able to penetrate material of significant thickness. This was a major challenge and we succeeded in addressing it with the development of the new SMART EVO series,” explains Hans Rysgaard, General Manager at YXLON Copenhagen. 

You can find more information on the technical aspects and details of the SMART EVO series if you follow this link.