A global network of dedicated distributors is essential to become successful. We would like to mention a selected few of our business partners and describe what makes them unique.

Holger Andreasen in Sweden is a local distributor from Örebro that has sold YXLON Copenhagen products for decades. A focused sales and service team highly knowledgeable on portable equipment, serve the customers based on long term relationship and an impressive high level of service and support, with a proactive sales force that dearly prioritize customer visits and product demonstrations on a high frequent basis. Holger Andreasen is a valued business partner of YXLON Copenhagen and our relations goes back more than 60 years, and they are showing a strong commitment to our new SMART EVO series, which is one of the reasons behind their ongoing success.

ADG in Italy, with offices in Rome and Como, this year celebrating their 10 year anniversary, has just been part of YXLON Copenhagen global network of sales representatives for one year. ADG showed from the beginning of the collaboration a remarkable dedication in their sales management and market penetration, and with a rooted set of principles based on mutual trust and passion, ADG have proven how a new product can emerge from an introductory start into an appreciable success after just a short period. ADG is managed by a partnership of three skilled leaders, very knowledgeable within X-ray and NDT, making them a future-proof business partner.

Last week we had the pleasure of announcing a new strategic business partner in Iran; PISHRAFTEH – a leading supplier of NDT products in Iran. PISHRAFTEH will market and sell our portable and mobile X-ray products, and tab into the expected high growth rates in Iran over the coming years. With the esteemed company PISHRAFTEH, we have found an ambitious distributor, that going forward can sell our products in Iran with a high level of professionalism and dedication, to serve our growing customer base.

We would like to thank all our distributors and wish you a continued success on our journey.