Digital X-ray imaging based on flat-panel technology is the technology of the future. Compared to traditional film technology, digital imaging has numerous advantages as; instant imaging results, shorter exposure time, image enhancement in the post process and easy digital storage.

Vidisco Ltd. develops and manufactures portable digital X-ray solutions for a wide variety of NDT applications. Their wide selection of flat-panels, all operating on a single intuitive platform with easy-to-use software, are fully integrated with YXLON Copenhagen portable X-ray products, making field inspection agile, easy and smart.

“The systems are developed for field inspection and provide laboratory quality on site.”
Eli Dayan, NDT Division Manager at Vidisco Ltd.

The digital technology eliminates the need for chemicals and other consumables which all add up the costs. Digital X-ray imaging contributes to a more efficient and a significantly smarter workflow, with a favorable return on investment.

To achieve the best images you need the best equipment, and the X-ray source is an essential part of the equipment. The SMART EVO portable X-ray systems made by YXLON Copenhagen, are based on reliable and stable constant potential high voltage technology, ensuring the required high quality digital imaging... can read or download the complete case story.