YXLON Copenhagen is proud to present the new SMART EVO 225DS and SMART EVO 300DS, both with a small focal spot. High quality portable X-ray systems with 225 and 300 kV, that benefits from the small 1.0 mm focal spot combined with high performance of 900 W X-ray power.

Thanks to the combination of small 1.0 mm focal spot and the high power, our two new superior portable systems introduce shorter exposure time and higher image resolution.

This product launch upgrades the SMART EVO portfolio, and enables customers to benefit from 1.0 mm focal spot from the complete SMART EVO directional series spanning from 160 to 300 kV.

The smaller size of the focal spot contributes to the overall performance, and the new SMART EVO 225DS and 300DS also extend the range of applications where digital imaging can be applied as the preferred inspection method. Small focal spot is of key importance when working with DR or CR digital X-ray detectors, in order to achieve optimum image quality from the reduced geometric un-sharpness.

Read more about the product specifications of the SMART EVO 225DS  and the SMART EVO 300DS