“We are excited that Henning and Ming has joined our sales team, and will lead our strategic partner sales efforts in areas we consider as high growth markets for portable X-ray systems”, says Head of Sales – Mads Transel.

Henning L. Østergaard joined the YXLON Copenhagen international sales team as Regional Sales Director responsible for the Middle East region in March 2015. 

Henning brings more than two decades of international business experience to YXLON Copenhagen, and will be able to draw on his knowledge of working on different markets and mixed cultures. He has worked extensively with business development, strategic planning, management, and in particular - partner growth management.

In China, Hong Kong and Macau will Ming Ma be representing YXLON Copenhagen as new sales manager for our portable and mobile X-ray systems.

Ming holds a master degree in Optics Engineering in Tianjin University. His professional background is UT-testing as a system engineer and he has the past eight years gained experience as a technical sales manager in the aerospace and aviation industry. 

Ming Ma’s experience in high-end and long-cycle sales will support COMET China’s efforts to organically grow the portable X-ray systems market by intensifying focus on end-user activities and optimizing partnerships.