The Red Dot trophy was presented to YXLON Copenhagen at the festive award ceremony in Essen, Germany, in front of peers from around the world.

At the end of June, Senior R&D Specialist Per Jørgensen and Marketing Manager David Campos where both in Essen, Germany, to receive the prestigious award; the Red Dot - Best of Best, on behalf of the team from YXLON Copenhagen. The award was given for the outstanding industrial design and functionality of the new SMART EVO portable X-ray system.

“It was a proud moment for YXLON Copenhagen, as years of focused development and engineering with high attention to details and design, was rewarded when receiving the Red Dot award on stage in the beautiful Aalto Theater in Essen” stated David Campos.

At this festive day, where design teams from 56 countries participated, and awards were given in categories from dust bins to race cars, the jury handed the award to YXLON Copenhagen for the Best of the Best in product design, with the following reasons:

New lightness:
»In industry, X-rays are used, for example, to identify changes in the thickness of materials or errors in individual assembly details. With this inspection method companies can guarantee the quality of their products. SMART EVO is a portable X-ray system for non-destructive testing, which was designed specifically to meet the different conditions in companies. The result is a technologically sophisticated system that impresses with a conclusive design concept. The heart of the system is the innovative CONTROL EVO unit, which in combination with a redesigned X-ray tube head allows for an intelligent and efficient workflow. This ergonomically designed system couples high performance with ease of operation. All components are perfectly coordinated, and since the device is light and compact, it is also easy to transport. To ensure that the SMART EVO system is durable and fit for long-term use, it is shock-resistant and ruggedly built. The use of high-quality materials also contributes to guaranteeing that it can be used anywhere, even in the harshest and most remote environments. Recomposing the individual elements of such a testing device, SMART EVO is a sophisticatedly designed X-ray system that facilitates the work of all people involved and increases their flexibility.«

Statement by the jury:
»The design of SMART EVO impressively combines the innovative technology of the CONTROL EVO unit with a portable system for non-destructive testing. As such, this system sets new standards for the future. It fascinates with a highly user-friendly operation, which allows it to be perfectly adjusted to various workflows even under the most extreme conditions. It is compact and ergonomically well thought-through.«

You can watch the Red Dot video presentation of the SMART EVO system and find more information on this prestigious award, by following this link.

Make sure to see the Red Dot award next time you are in the YXLON Copenhagen offices.