Special inspection jobs, like in confined spaces or with 24/7 operation in extreme temperatures, may require special solutions. The new water-cooled SMART EVO directional X-ray tube heads, offers 24/7 operation in ambient temperatures up to 30˚C.

This new tailor-made water-cooled SMART EVO use a unique hybrid cooling principle, where a water-cooled module removes up to 900 W directly on the anode. A fan forces airflow along the tube tank inside the tube head, removing heat from both the tube tank and the electronic module, in order to achieve the ultimate system cooling.

All SMART EVO directional tube heads and the CONTROL EVO are available in a reliable water-cooled version to cover nearly any possible application. A WL3002 water cooler with flow and thermal switch for safe operation is also available, and for more extreme applications, a water-cooled cathode module can be acquired.

The water-cooled SMART EVO directional series spans from 20 up to 300 kV, with a maximum X-ray power of 900 W. It has either a 1.0 mm small focal spot or 3.0 mm focal spot.

In such harsh environments a water-cooled X-ray solution is the best approach to complete the job. The water-cooled SMART EVO series are able to fulfill nearly any task in the toughest climatic conditions.
  • Inline inspection systems that requires 24/7 operation
  • Continuous operation in very high ambient temperatures up to 30˚C
  • Highly efficient combination of air and water cooling

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