We are proud to introduce the newest member of the EVO series; the XPO EVO 225D.

The launch of the SMART EVO series in 2014 catapulted portable X-ray equipment into the 21st century and the feedback we receive from our business partners around the world is overwhelmingly positive.

Since then, we have focused on fulfilling our ambition to incorporate the Y.XPO X-ray system into the SMART EVO series – hereby enabling it to benefit from the advantages of being compatible with the CONTROL EVO. Our ambition is fulfilled and we are proud to introduce the newest member of the EVO series; the XPO EVO 225D.

Most will recognize the specifications of the XPO EVO 225D from the Y.XPO, but it has undergone an improvement process in which we have made additions to its existing unique features.

While in the process of making the XPO EVO 225D compatible with the CONTROL EVO, we decided to improve the X-ray tube head itself, to better withstand rough handling and repositioning:
  • The strong black composite casing is now made of the same tough material as the SMART EVO
  • The new fan grill has been redesigned and now protects the cooling fan even better
  • The air intake structure around the beam window has been redesigned to make it more robust 
  • The tube head cable has been strengthened with a strain relive and a dust cap
And best of all; you can combine the high performance of the 1200 W X-ray power from the XPO EVO 225D with the state-of-the-art features of the CONTROL EVO.

It’s a new dawn for this high-powered portable X-ray system. It shares the legacy of the Y.XPO - and it has entered a new era of smarter workflows combined with high performance.

To view or download the XPO EVO 225D marketing material, please follow the link: XPO EVO 225D.

Best regards
Hans Rysgaard
General Manager