In June 2016, JME unveiled their revolutionary next generation range of pipeline crawlers, adding many new advanced features, resulting in a significantly increased production-rate and a considerably reduction in downtime.

Previously, YXLON Copenhagen panoramic Y.SMART series provided compatibility only with JME’s mid-size pipeline crawler, designed to inspect pipelines with a diameter between 10” and 60”.

In addition to the integration onto these mid-sized crawlers, YXLON’s new range of SMART EVO panoramic systems, are now also compatible with JME’s larger pipeline crawler, suitable for inspection of 24” to 72” diameter pipelines.

This ensures full support across the entire range of diameters, providing a complete and effective solution to a wider range of requirements.

Thanks to the 750 watt output power, the advanced features available from the OEM controller board, and the power-efficient operation, the SMART EVO 200P & 300P are the perfect choices for JME’s revolutionary new pipeline crawler concept.

A description of the increased collaboration between JME and YXLON Copenhagen can be found in our newest case story.