Thank you for the terrific welcome of our new SMART EVO 200P & 300P panoramic variants. They have been greeted with great enthusiasm and curiosity.

This week you can get a hands-on experience and in-depth introduction to the new system by our sales team at our booth at the WCNDT 2016 in Munich.

What sets the SMART EVO panoramic unit apart from other systems is the outstanding performance. No other system can match the 750 watt output, nor the excellent thermal performance, which facilitates long exposures for penetration of thick walls and large film focus distances.

The 360° X-ray beam window makes panoramic units the obvious choice for detailed X-ray inspection of cylindrical vessels and pipes, because one exposure is sufficient for inspecting the entire weld seam.

Force Technology, one of our long-time customers, are using the new SMART EVO 300P for X-ray inspection of compensators, and we would like to share their experiences in the customer case story.

You can read the interesting customer case story by following this link.