Our new product presentation film highlights the unique features of the SMART EVO 200P & 300P.

The launch of our SMART EVO 200P & 300P variants marks a major leap forward in high performance and usability in the field of portable X-ray systems.

The new units produce astonishing 750 watt X-ray power, made possible by the ground breaking new design of the anode cooler

The mA maximum is 4.5 mA for EVO 300P and 6.0 mA for EVO 200P, allowing for maximum X-ray power at low kV, ensuring the shortest exposure time possible - setting a new standard for the industry

EVO 300P has undergone a significant weight reduction and weighs now only 36 kg, making handling and transportation easier
Six lasers indicates the center of the X-ray beam, making the positioning and alignment of the tube heads easy and accurate

The re-engineered three-part lead belt is easy to mount and has as standard a 38˚ x 60˚ slit option allowing for directional use if required

The panoramic 38˚ x 360˚ X-ray beam makes the SMART EVO a perfect choice for weld seem inspection of cylindrical vessels and pipes