SMART Solutions are concrete offerings based on customer’s requests and are designed to give an even better experience.

Rental program
Customers have the opportunity to rent portable X-ray systems, with a signed rental agreement inclusive of a specified time-frame, terms, and price. This tailor-made program is especially attractive for you; in periods with peaks, when you have inspection jobs requiring systems for a limited time, or if you want to test our portable X-ray systems.

Extended warranty
In addition to our 12 month standard product warranty described in our “General Conditions of Sale and Delivery”, an extended 12 month full product warranty is available for purchase for portable and mobile X-ray systems. This option will add to the overall level of customer comfort by eliminating unexpected extra cost in case of product downtime.

Exchange program
Customers with functional Y.SMART or Y.XPO equipment, have the opportunity to return the equipment to us as a part of an exchange program, where a specified amount will be deducted from the customer’s new equipment purchased from us in exchange for the trade-in. By participating in this program you will be able to upgrade your fleet to the superior SMART EVO series, making X-ray inspection more efficient, faster and more accurate.

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