When asked about Intertek’s experience with the Y.XPO, Brett Lonnee, Intertek AIS Director commented, “The Y.XPO has performed flawlessly since we commissioned it. The light-weight and compact size has made it easier to work with, while the continuous power output allows our personnel to be more productive with faster exposure times.”

Intertek, formerly Adelaide Inspection Services, is a leading provider of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services to industries such as power generation, construction, oil, gas and mining. With unrivalled technical expertise Intertek provides a range of services including asset integrity management, mechanical and NDT, in-situ heat treatment, in-service inspection of pressure equipment, fabrication inspection and expediting services.

Radiographic testing is one of the many NDT techniques that Intertek uses to detect the presence of flaws and anomalies to prevent premature failure. Since the latter part of 2014 Intertek has utilized an YXLON Y.XPO 225 kV portable radiographic generator to perform this type of testing. With 1200 watt of power and 10 mA isowatt compensation, the Y.XPO is both powerful and versatile.

The services that Intertek can provide with the Y.XPO system are radiographic examination of welder qualifications and inspection of aluminum materials and components. Other applications include inspection of castings and forgings as well as monitoring corrosion in engineering structures.

When asked about the YXLON Y.XPO system features he liked most, Lonnee replied, “We have used several other systems and the features that make the Y.XPO stand out are its ability to adjust milliamps so that we can fine-tune the settings to suit our specific needs. We also like the modern digital control unit which gives us the ability to store measurement settings. This is really helpful for repeat jobs. Overall, the Y.XPO has been a great investment and we would certainly look at buying another one if the need arose.”

The YXLON Y.XPO has now been supplemented by the addition of the SMART EVO range of portable radiographic systems. This range has won the RED DOT Award for Best of the Best in Product Design in 2015. The SMART EVO range includes directional tube heads extending in power from 160 to 300 kV, as well as small focal spot and water-cooled systems for scenarios where higher resolution or demanding operating environments are encountered.

YXLON is represented in Australia and New Zealand by AXT.