The photo competition has reached its conclusion and we are very happy with the many contributions. We have received pictures from all sorts of industries and applications - pictures taken on-site and from all corners of the world.

The inspection challenges we face are the same all over the world. We are happy to contribute with a set of tools that can address NDT challenges universally, and in the end, helps you to get the job done.

The three winners of our photo competition have each sent us a series of photos describing daily inspection routines using the SMART EVO system.

Mr. Hashem Rahmati of Pishrafteh NDT Co.
In one of Irans largest pipe-mill companies, based near the city of Ahwaz in the Khuzestan province, the bulk of the X-ray inspections are carried out using the small focal spot SMART EVO 300DS systems. 

Mr. Ming Ma of COMET China
In China, Guangzhou province near Huizhou city, components in a power grid station are being inspected using the SMART EVO 300D system. This specific application is perfect for digital panel integration. 

Mr. Robert Drake of Acuren
In the remote areas and in the middle of the stunning nature of British Colombia, Canada, work on the BCNT pipeline expansion project has been carried out with the EVO 300D systems, systems built to withstand the rough handling that is usual for field inspection jobs in this rugged terrain. The photos are a testament to the diverse applications and environments the systems are used in.

It's a joy for us at the Copenhagen facility, to see that across all borders you all have chosen the same tools to get the job done. We are proud to be your global X-ray systems provider.

...and from all of us at YXLON Copenhagen, we wish you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.

Best regards
YXLON Copenhagen