The annual Non-Destructive Testing Management Association Conference, NDTMA, has been another successful year for COMET Technologies USA and the PXS EVO.

QSA Global, Test Equipment Distributors, Mistras, Shawcor and Stanley were a few of the many top North American companies that were in attendance, alongside many other customers as well as opportunities that were developed due to COMET’s participation in the conference.

The conference is also a forum to discuss new and advanced NDT technologies as well as the management of companies in an ever changing business environment.

The technical sessions focused on advanced NDT, including digital radiography, computed tomography and eddy current, in addition to many conversations discussing internet of things and the benefit, as well as the risks, of having global connectedness.

The management sessions primarily focused on mergers and acquisitions, with topics ranging from how to successfully integrate with another company to reviewing lessons learned from a buyout.

As a highlight of the conference, we are pleased to announce that Rebecca Rudolph, Director of marketing and sales at COMET Technologies USA, has been elected to the NDTMA Board of Directors. Becky will be an asset to the Board for the next three year with her experience from IBM’s Watson Research Center, the American Museum of Natural History, and from her prior position as sales manager for GEIT, with focus on CT and DR for academic and oil & gas applications.