A major industry for our portable X-ray systems is the pipeline inspection industry, and once again, YXLON Copenhagen and our work in the pipeline industry is the center of an article published in World Pipeline.

This time it’s all about staying ahead, keeping up with technological advances and setting the pace for pipeline inspection equipment.

One subject in the article in World Pipeline is how YXLON Copenhagen and crawler manufacturer JME Ltd. face the challenges of the digital age together and how staying ahead of the competition gives our customers a competitive advantage.
Here is an excerpt from the article about portable X-ray and pipeline crawlers evolving as partners:“The biggest issues for onsite contractors has always been safety and productivity. Over years of development, crawlers have evolved using higher grade components and electronics, making pipeline crawler solutions robust for all types of working environments.”
“Manufacturers like JME UK operate in climates ranging from arctic regions to extreme desert heat. Advances have been made and employed to provide equipment that is safe and protected from failure that may be caused by these harsh environments.”
You can read and download the complete article by following this link to our website.