When discussing portable X-ray systems weld seam inspection of pipelines is a quite common scenario, but there is a multitude of other application possibilities for the SMART EVO systems.

As you know, NDT quality departments carry out diverse inspections in harsh environments and under challenging conditions. This means the bar for the equipment they use is set very high, as they must be able to rely on their equipment, no matter the circumstances.
Inspection types span all conceivable applications - everything from maintenance of aircraft structures, to weld seem inspection. In other terms, the inspection types include material types from low-density materials like an aircraft structure, to high-density materials like solid cast structures.
The industries section on our new website has been expanded with the many additional possibilities for our portable X-ray systems and we have also clarified the potential applications for each of the industries.
Aside from the conventional use of our portable X-ray systems, they are often integrated into other systems as an X-ray source thus opening an infinite range of alternative OEM application possibilities.
The X-ray systems YXLON Copenhagen manufactures are well suited for a wide array of applications and they are easy to integrate into most OEM systems.
The key element of why the SMART EVO is a match for system integration is the multitude of configurations:
  • Flexibility due to a broad voltage range
  • The compact size makes them easy to integrate
  • Optional water cooling supports 24/7 operation 

The system's reliability and stability minimizes operational risks and enables a continuous workflow without costly unscheduled downtime. 

You can read much more on the subject on our new website where you can also download our newest OEM information sheet.