The case story is all about how the SMART EVO 200D makes the difficult inspection job easy and efficient for the stationed Dekra NDT inspection crew at Swedens largest fuel company, Preemraff refinery at Lysekil. You can read an excerpt of the case story in the paragraph below.

Here is an excerpt from the interview-based case story featuring Mr. Kristoffer Walin of Dekra: ...Kristoffer Walin is a 32-year-old level two certified X-ray NDT inspector. He has 11 years experience working out of the Dekra Gothenburg office, in Sweden. Kristoffer and the crew in Gothenburg were amongst the very first to receive the SMART EVO system when launched in 2014, a system which today still is the crews’ primary X-ray system.

Kristoffer describes the inspection jobs Dekra carries out at Lysekil: “The days vary a lot, and on projects using the SMART EVO 200D, we expose hundreds of films every day. We typically shoot pipelines under 8 mm thickness, bends, flanges, and all the “difficult stuff”, to make sure everything complies with safety codes and perfect order.”    

“The parts we inspect with X-ray at the refinery, are often hard to reach. We climb ladders and scaffolds, most often with the equipment on our shoulders. We don’t treat the system gently, so it has to withstand the rough handling, when it gets thrown around or gets fastened tightly with straps. And it does - it’s robust, light-weight and perfect for heavy handling in an industrial work environment.”

You can read the complete case story on our website.