This new case story is all about how reliable equipment and high performance creates a smooth workflow ideal for large-scale X-ray production in bunker facilities. It is based on an interview with Bennie Slomp, a technical NDT manager at SGS, one of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies.

Here is an excerpt from the interview-based case story featuring Mr. Bennie Slomp of SGS: ...“For us, it’s the pre-fabrication work, as we do almost all the “pre-fab work” in the bunker installation in this area. We use X-ray on all thinner wall thickness, in all diameters, like on storage tanks, high-pressure tanks, boilers, and also piping systems. “Pre-fab work,” like piping, is brought to the bunker from manufacturing shops, and after the build, it’s inspected with X-ray. Upon inspection, it’s mounted on a system”.

“Many of our inspection crews are working on a large-scale production in the bunkers. Here they shoot anything between 25 and 50 welds per day - which is somewhere between 200 and 400 shots daily. When you shoot X-ray on such a large scale, everything has to go fast and run smoothly - and it does. With the SMART EVO systems production is fast, and the workflow is efficient.”

Efficient and smart workflows in bunkers need fast ramp-up times, fast exposures, a continuously functioning and cooled X-ray tube, and of course high-resolution image results. The SMART EVO 225D and 300D systems from YXLON Copenhagen are perfect for “pre-fab work,” and they deliver on all parameters.

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