Inspection Companies

Diverse inspections in harsh environments and under challenging conditions.

Pipeline Industry

Pipeline inspections are conducted efficiently and with great accuracy with an X-ray pipeline crawler.


X-ray technology is used to identify unwanted elements or illegal goods in luggage, containers and more.


A single weakness in the aircraft structure, metal or composite material can result in catastrophic failure.


For many years, X-ray technology has been used for art restoration and historical research with excellent imaging results.


Welding is an essential part of most tasks in a shipyard, during the construction of ships, tanks, and vessels.


X-ray technology is widely used in the defense industry for inspection of airplanes, armored vehicles, and naval vessels.

Universities and Research

Non-destructive testing is often a necessity in research and when working with delicate materials.


X-ray based inspection plays a significant role in forestry as it is used for quality assurance, process control, and sorting.


Automatic bone and foreign object detection are examples of X-ray integration as a measure of quality control in a production line.


An important stage in the mining process is sorting and classifying the identified valuable material, which can be done with X-ray technology.


Cracks and defects appear, and to ensure safe operation, the tracks have to be inspected.


Extraordinary quality control measures are needed when manufacturing process-equipment like steel-pipes, tanks, and vessels.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

YXLON Copenhagen manufactures products that are well suited for OEM integration.

Quality Assurance and Development

To ensure the high quality of industrial products, universal X-ray and CT systems are the ideal solutions.