The quality of defect recognition has now increased by combining digital flat-panel detectors and YXLON Copenhagen portable products.

Digital X-ray inspection has undergone a considerable development in the past years, and is well on its way to replace conventional X-ray film. 

X-ray film has been the preferred imaging medium when inspecting with portable equipment, because of the low cost of films and because film, contrary to digital flat-panels, has been more suitable for use in challenging outdoor environments.

One of the main benefits of using digital detector technology is that the digital image immediately allows for a possible conclusion to be drawn.

Defects in welds are detected with greater probability using a digital flat-panel detector than with conventional film technology. 

Other advantages of digital technology include:
  • Significantly shorter inspection times
  • Easier archiving
  • Elimination of chemicals
  • Post processing of images

YXLON Copenhagen portable X-ray systems can be used with the latest digital detector technology. The integration of detectors combined with YXLON Copenhagen’s high quality portable and mobile products makes your solution future-proof.